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REAL Trends Publications


REAL Trends is a leader in identifying the trends that impact the real estate industry. Our variety of publications will help you stay on the cutting-edge of your ever-changing business.


The REAL Trends blog includes the latest stories and articles on industry breaking news, valuations, technology, marketing and regulations.


The monthly REAL Trends newsletter features commentary from Steve Murray on the state of real estate and forward-thinking articles.


Understanding current residential real estate topics and trends gives you the opportunity to make the best-informed decisions for your business.


REAL Trends aims to get you the topic information you want; when you want it. Interested in information on valuing a brokerage? Digital marketing? The latest tech gadgets? Here you’ll find the most up-to-date information.

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The REAL Trends monthly newsletter is known as the trusted industry source for information on trends, strategies, analysis, people and news shaping the real estate industry of tomorrow. REAL Trends reaches thousands of readers, including broker/owners, network and association executives, mortgage brokers, title companies, the news media and other industry insiders.

Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest changes, strategies, analysis and events happening in the residential brokerage industry with a membership to REAL Trends. The publication is available in an electronic format for a one-year membership.

The REAL Trends Monthly Newsletter is free to all REAL Trends members. Network members can also distribute the REAL Trends Newsletter among all their affiliates. Company and Corporate Members may distribute the REAL Trends Newsletter to employees and sales professionals. If you are not already a member, you can sign up to start receiving the REAL Trends Monthly Newsletter.

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Here at REAL Trends, we approach research like everything else we do… with a passion to provide you with valuable information, through diligent and thoughtful analysis. For over 30 years REAL Trends has had it’s hand on the pulse of the real estate industry working with the industry’s leading brokerages, teams and agents.

Whether you have five-minutes or five hours we offer our research in variety of formats that are easy to access and viewable from any device. Our topics range from business management, to market statistics to technology, and beyond. With access to over 3,100 top-performing brokerages, and over 9,200 of the leading agents and teams in the industry, our research data is gathered from the best in the business.

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